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LenzLock™ super secure magnetic eyeglass holders have unlimited uses:

Installing LenzLocks

It’s quick and easy to install LenzLock™ holders. First, separate the top and the bottom halves carefully, avoiding the “gripper teeth.” The magnets will have a strong bond.

PLACE: Take the top half (with the “loop”) and position it where you want it on the outside of your hat or garment.

LOCK: Place the bottom half underneath the top half with the fabric in between. Repeat on the other side of the hat.

INSERT: Slide the left temple (arm) of your glasses into the left-side holder and the right arm into the right-side holder.

RELEASE: To remove the holders, carefully pull the halves apart to release the magnetic bond without touching the grippers.

Use Your LenzLock™ Holders in Other Places Too!

LenzLock™ holders can securely store and protect your sunglasses and eyeglasses on many other garments also – using one holder:

• Shirts   • Jackets   • Sweaters

Works with any style frame

The story of Lenzlock™ began in the San Francisco Bay, inspired by a bat ray.

For many years I’ve picked up trash floating in the ocean when I kayak to do my part to clean up the environment. One day while paddling through the shallows, I was startled by a big splash of water from a bat ray I’d disturbed while it was feeding in the mud. I had my sunglasses on my visor and when I turned my head quickly, my shades fell into the bay and were lost forever – and it wasn’t the first time! I thought, there must be a solution to this problem.

I got to work and made several prototypes that were fairly effective, but still weren’t secure enough when I put them to the test. They also needed to hold and protect different styles of glasses in different situations. I worked until I found the solution and patented it: secure holders for glasses with a grip that locks them to your hat or garment, anytime they’re not on your nose. When used properly, your glasses aren’t going anywhere!

Karl Grame

LenzLock™ Inventor


Not recommended for use by people with pacemakers or other electrical implants. Keep away from magnetic media, such as computer discs, credit cards, and tapes to avoid damage


Choking hazard – small parts. Keep away from children under 6. Ingested magnets can stick to internal organs and affect electrical implants. Seek immediate medical attention if swallowed or inhaled. Failure to follow this warning could result in serious injury or death.

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